Tycoon Dynasty Gold Addon – The Easiest Way to Make Gold in World of Warcraft

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Tycoon gold addon is a very powerful in-game addon that will help you generate serious amounts of gold with the least effort involved, it is not a bot, not a push button tool but it is very legit and can increase your gold gain by 60%.

How does tycoon gold addon help you generate gold easily?
Like everyone knows, one of the best ways to get easy gold in wow is by farming for your primary professions and maybe sell to the vendors or rather post some kick ass items in the auction house.

There is way more to learn for that little formula, but for everyone is the fastest route to became rich in wow and then be able to enjoy the game without having to worry about gold for the most part.

Now there are several components into the tycoon gold addon but all come to the way it helps you find the best sources to farm any given material, by showing you the exact location in the maps for every node existing in the game, without you the need that you discover it first.

WoW Tycoon Addon also gathers data from the auction house to assess the server state and then show you very valuable data, such as the cost of the items in the auction house, the competition, what are the trends for each item, how much gold per hour could you be making and more.

One thing you should know is that tycoon gold addon will give you the option to work with 4 different tabs or modules, Auctions, Farming, Gathering and Crafting.

The Auction tab displays specific data for the items posted there, after you perform a scan. The more you scan the auction house, the more accurate data you get and you can have a pretty good picture of your server, how and when you can buy, sell or farm certain materials to get more gold per hour.

The Gathering tab shows very similar data scanned from the auction house but in this case it help you to set up a plan for gathering and it tells you what are the rich nodes for mining, skinning and herbalism.

The Farming tab is focused on getting you the most amount of materials to sell in the auction house and when, you will learn what mats are selling better and what day on the week.

On each tab you can set up your plan and then hit the go button taking you directly to the map where you should head and start collecting gold, increasing your gold earnings by 60%.

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