Master Number 11

Master Number 11

In the field of Numerology there are three master numbers, 11, 22, and 33. Today's article I will discuss the first of these three numbers, number 11.

A master number carries a higher vibration than numbers 1 through 9. Souls that incarnate with a master number destiny, name, or opportunity do so with the intent of doing some heavy lifting. Most souls will not live up to this special calling do to a cosmic illusion called Maya. These souls, like most, are influenced by the society in which they're born and raised. The input from family, neighbors, friends, social institutions such as churches and schools expose these souls to their indoctrination making it difficult for these special souls to break free. The few that do manage to break free are met with resistance.

The number 11 carries double ones. These ones are strong indicators of the type of power these souls potentially have if allowed to develop and grow. The number one stands erect, pointing towards the heavens. It is sure footed, focus, determine and strong. Double ones multiplies that power.

Most souls which carries the number 11 find themselves collapsing into its softer aspect, the number two, 1 + 1 = 2. The number two lacks the strength of the number one and prefer to seek the aid of others. Its natural inclining to take charge is no longer at the forefront. It is very common for souls who carries this number will not be able to handle the higher vibration and may come across as super sensitive, taking on the vibrations of others, allowing these vibrations to over power them. An 11 soul that has been blessed with teachers that are aware of these higher vibrations and can teach these souls how to shield themselves can grow and mature in their power to become great teachers and leaders.

A perfect example of a soul who carries the number 11 in his name is Jesus. This soul is able to work from the highest plane but yet felt very comfortable collapsing into its softer aspect, the number 2. The number 2 rules groups and scripture teach us that Jesus led a group of disciples. On his death cross he was in the company of two others and a large group of people watched his execution.

The first letter in the name Jesus, is the letter j and carries the strong focus vibration of the number 1. The second letter e, carries the active, well travel vibration number 5. The third letter s, carries the single mind vibration of the number 1. The fourth letter u, carries the gift of the…

Master Number 11

Source by Andre Alvin Moore