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For some time now there is a list of 10 most widely read and bestselling books in the world, but we wanted to share it with all of you, and even to know if you have read any of them or if these books that are mentioned below are among your favorite readings. This bestselling books list is based on the number of books printed and sold in the last 50 years (up to 2017.

Examples of bestselling books around the world

  1. The Bible. 3.9 billion Copies.

The Holy Bible is the set of canonical books of the Judaism as well as Christianity. The canonicity of the each book is diverse base on the tradition that was adopted. According to the Jewish and also Christian religions, it transmits the word of God.

  1. Quotes from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung (from Mao Tse-tung). 820 million copies.

Quotes from Chairman Mao, better known in the West as the Red Book of Mao or the Little Red Book, is a book published since April 1964 by the Government of the People’s Republic of China in which citations and speeches by Mao Tse- Tung, who at that time was the president of the country and the Communist Party of China.

  1. Harry Potter (by JK Rowling. 400 million copies.

Harry Potter is a heptalogy of fantastic novels written by the British author JK Rowling, which describes the adventures of young wizard apprentice Harry Potter and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley during their seven years at Hogwarts College. Magic and sorcery.

The plot centers on the fight between Harry Potter and then the evil wizard Lord Voldemort, that killed Harry’s parents in their quest to conquer the magical world.

  1. The Lоrd оf the Rіngѕ- this again is one of the bestselling books of all time (JRR Tolkien). 103 million copies.

The famous Lоrd оf the Rіngѕ is indeed an epic fantasy novel written by British philologist and writer JRR Tolkien. Its history is developed in the Third Age of the Sun of Middle Earth, a fictitious place рорulаtеd by mеn and some оthеr anthropomorphic races such as hobbits, elves or perhaps dwarves, as well as by many other real and fantastic creatures.

The novel narrates the journey of the main character, the Hobbit Frodo Bolsón, to destroy the Unique Ring and the ensuing war that will provoke the enemy to recover it since it is the main source of power of its Creator, the Dark Lord Sauron.

  1. The Alchemist (by Paulo Coelho) 65 million copies.

The Alchemist is one among bestselling book written by the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho that has been translated into more than 63 languages as well as published in 150 nations and has sold a total of 65 million copies across the globe. The book is about dreams And the means we use to reach them,

  1. The Da Vinci Code (by Dan Brown). 57 million copies.

The well known Da Vinci Code is a mystery book written by Dan Brown. By combining the genres of detective suspense and New Age esoterism, with a conspiracy theory concerning the Holy Grail and then the role of Mary Magdalene in Christianity, the novel spurred widespread interest (especially in the United States of America) By certain theories of plots woven in the shadow by hidden powers, a phenomenon defined by Brown as the conspirators boom.

  1. Twilight – The Saga (by Stephenie Meyer). 43 million copies.

Twilight is a romantic teen vampire novel written by Stephenie Meyer and published in 2005. It is the first part of a four-part series of which they are published, in addition to Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Dawn. Midnight Sun is a separate, unfinished project in which Stephenie has been working for some time; in which the story of Twilight is repeated but narrated by Edward Cullen, this project has been suspended indefinitely by the author, due to the illegal distribution of the first 12 chapters.

  1. What the wind took (Margaret Mitchell). 33 million copies.

What the wind took is a novel written by the author Margaret Mitchell; Is one of the bestselling books in history, a classic of American literature and due to its adaptation to the cinema is one of the greatest icons or myths of contemporary popular culture.

  1. Think and Grow Rich (by Napoleon Hill). 30 million copies.

Think and Grow Rich is also one among the bestselling book by American writer Napoleon Hill. Known as the most famous and even effective method for making money, it has been more successful compared to any other work of its kind.

  1. The Diary of Anne Frank (by Anna Frank). 27 million copies.

With the title or perhaps topic of The Diary of Anne Frank is known the edition of the personal diaries written by the Jewish girl Ana Frank (Annelies Marie Frank) between the 12 of June of 1942 and the 1 of August of 1944 in a total of three conserved notebooks To the present, where he recounts his story as an adolescent and the time of two years when he had to hide from the Nazis in Amsterdam during World War II.

What is the secret behind a bestselling book?

Creating a book is just one thing, marketing it is a whole different animal. However what if you can, right out of the gate, know precisely what to do to produce an excellent, well-received book which was promoted in such a method that it sold much better than you anticipated? Sound like a fantasy?

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Well, surely nothing is without risk, but in working as well as speaking with a large number of authors, I have discovered that there are some things that work each time – and others that don’t. There exists a system for success, and even though varying degrees of it might be modified to much better serve your target audience and genre, many of the things which propel books to success are the same thing across the board.

Be on Top of Changes- Most stuff in marketing and advertising aren’t set it and then forget it. Monitor changes to the advertising campaigns you are running and also stay in contact with what’s happening in general.

Newsletters- With social networking changing formulas for publicity, it’s getting harder to be found in social, that’s exactly why now, more than ever, you’ve need to have a newsletter.

Upgrade your Ethical Bribe- There was an era while giving away a section of your book was an excellent thing, not quite so any longer. You will need to make your ethical bribe fascinating enough to have people to sign up to it. Don’t provide them with something they can get somewhere else without having to surrender their email.

Multiple Books- I notice this over and over that writer with more than just one book often do much better than writers merely pushing only one title. That means you could no longer just release one book and then expect the best; you need to promote multiple books.

Shorter is the New Long- Not all book you set out there needs to be a full-length tome. At times 10,000 or maybe 20,000 words are a lot more than enough to get the message across.


Researchers say that success leaves clues, and then I do believe it’s 100% correct. Following exactly what successful bestselling book writers do is a great key to creating your very own rock star advertising and marketing plan. And also while there are no guarantees, you can find pathways that could lead you to better places, a more robust readership, as well as bigger sales. Find out today how to get the bestselling books ebooks software and your favorite videos and games for immediate download and automated delivery to your device.

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