Are You Living in Your Past or Your Present Moment?

There have been many occasions while sitting in a coffee shop or restaurant when I could not help but hear the conversations taking place around us.

Have you ever listened to yourself when you talk? If not, start paying attention now. Do you think the way you talk matters in life? For some people, yes it does, however for many others; it does not. Whether it does or not depends upon state of mind you are living in at the moment.

Many people love complaining and always seem to find something to complain about. If you are one who is honest to complaining, it is important to consider what exactly you are complaining for. The main reason for perpetual complaining is simple; dissatisfaction of life and of what you are. Who or what is responsible for your dissatisfaction? Is it you? Is it other people? Or is it life itself?

Here are several scenarios which may illustrate situations similar to that of which you are experiencing at the moment. The reason this list was created was to draw your attention some of the possible circumstances which may make you feel dissatisfied with yourself and your life, because causing you to complain. Paying attention to and admitting whatever it is you are happy with is the first step to creating change for yourself.

Scenario 1: You meet new people for the first time and you are eager to let them get to know you. They ask you some simple questions like "who are you?" and "What do you like doing?" What would be your response to their questions?

There are some people who would be able to speak for about 2 minutes about who they are and what they do today. The remaining conversation will likely be based upon who they were and what they did in the past! Pay attention to this in future, and you will be able to tell immediately if someone is not happy with their life today because much of the conversation is based upon the past.

People who think and speak in this way are still living in the past. It is clear that they are having hard time accepting and coping with their present day reality. If you are one of these people, a simple way to change your life is to begin knowing and understanding yourself deeply. Ask yourself what it is you would like to do in your life. What is it that makes you happy? It is likely that your first answer to this question would be "I do not know!" I agree, you probably do not know, but have you ever tried to find out? Have you ever tried anything new? If you do not…

Source by Joseph Ghabi

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