Ancient Esoteric Magical Operation Reveals Hidden Artistic Talent

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Activating the Latent Power of Sexual Attraction Today (whatever day you so declare), you should be so inclined and interested, you will confront 30 significant applicable and indisputable artistic clues that no doubt bear witness to a thoughtful artistic theme in your life being somewhat overlooked. In other words, to learn (remember) what repressed talent you have hidden in your soul can and will be revealed through a special series of magical acts of non-interpretative motives. Sexual Attraction plays a key role. You are so busily engrossed in other matters of which do not solicit the importance from the major artistic theme showing up at every possible event during your ordinary day, you will need to bring to a conscious level material of which is at present unconscious to you. The reason you must encounter as many as 30 clues is because you are running rampantly 'hurried / scurried' and away from that which desires to engage your scattered sensual attention.

I must digress for a moment to reiterate a very important part of this esoteric sexual artistic talent scavenger hunt. You must be willing to follow the instructions to the letter. If you are not inclined to follow them as written, do not start the process. It will prove to be meaningless. There are no hit and misses. You will be required to note the clues as they appear in sequential order as they become visible. You will not have to look hard, nor will you possess a need to 'make something' out of nothing. The clues will be more than obvious. This is not a game of chance or of 'thrown together' coincidences blended in a contrived way to 'paint a picture' of desired intent. It is an ancient secretly guarded occult practice of powerful instinct measure which provides indisputable clues to your specific life. In order for you to mentally acquire the application of your sexual artistic theme speaking to you in an overt way, you will be required to tabulate, categorize and record the events exactly and precisely as they occur. Agree? With each appropriate clue, you are NOT to add your color interpretation; simply record the material in a non-biased uninvolved way. "State the facts merely as you receive them." Do you understand?

The first clue was attached to the first person who spoke to you on this day. Not the one YOU spoke to but the one who spoke to you. There is a vast difference. Not only is the name of the person of paramount importance,…

Source by Paula Andrea Pyle

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